Ok, I’ve been really reluctant about actually doing ths, but things have gone bad. Deep inside I feel I don’t deserve any donation because I’m just one person and there are lots of people in far worse situations, but I just don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m puttig up a donate button on my blog



I know this post has already been around for a while but I think it’s not getting enough attention, and I really need your help (again, sorry) to spread the word.

 Basically, my financial situation hasn’t been really good for the past few years, and my family is really going through a lot, since none of us have a job and my mom’s struggling to pay for University. We live in Spain, so if you know a bit about international economics you’ll know Spain isn’t in a good situation. People are being evicted, the government has approved horribly unfair budget reforms regarding education and the student’s fee has gone up (I’m nearly finished my first semester and I still have three payments left to pay) and in Europe, after Greece, Spain is the most affected country by the crisis. So naturally, things aren’t going well for Spanish people. Thing is, we are not Spanish, we are Venezuelan, and Venezuela is in a worse situation. We can only get money from the two or three properties we have left there and exchange it into euros once a month, that if the renters pay in time, and when we exchange it there’s almost nothing left because inflation is so high in Vnzla the price of the euro has almost reached 100Bsf=1 euro each. So the few bucks we receive aren’t even enough for my mom to pay the rent. She and my aunt are going to the bank tomorrow to ask for another loan so they can manage until the next month and send me some money because I’m studying in Madrid (they live in Málaga).

That’s not even half of it, but if I told you everything this post would be too long. So, I decided to take commissions a while ago because I could really use the income and lift some weight off my family’s shoulders. Just a bit is enough. 


  • I can draw OC’s, any character you want, NSFW stuff too (which depends in what kind of nsfw of course, there are limits to my comfort). 
  • My art style is kinda simple, but I promise to try and make the best out of it if you commission me, of course.
  • I can also make super quick doodles for 3$
  • The payment will be through paypal, still, if you know of similar ways to pay and stuff, tell me and i’ll check it out! Whatever is easier for you. 

If you are interested, message me at my art blog or my personal blog and we can discuss what you have in mind! 

If you can’t commission me but like the style, wanna recommend it to your friends, or just try help me out in any way, you’re fucking amazing and I love you!!

THANK YOU to all of you whom have already helped me spread the word, and the one’s who continue to reblog this! 

femjohn studies because i don’t do her as often as femlock and that’s a nono

I absolutely love your art style omg! Are you taking submissions?

I hadn’t seen this! I technically am taking commissions, thing is my laptop is very oportunistic and decided to die on me as soon as I started using it again sigh
still, we can talk commissions while i figure out how to actually make them happen! ;;

I'm sending you to jail for having a gorgeous art style (no but seriously I love your art uvu )

whaaaaaat ;u; thank you precious

kieren doodles

<3 the bae

maria and manu

my headcanon is that they don’t talk or meet that often, but occassionally meet up for coffee and cigarettes and talk all day

ladies uvu

a cute vene doodle i hadn’t submitted

"Did you know there’s a brooms closet over there?


i’m hilarious


mouths faces and colours

and pizza

there’s cisswapped!roro (big one) and panchita (profile only) right there too! 

*sniff* awesome <3

<333333333 /hugs

femjohn kind of evolved to pastel goth/punk? idek anymore

punkfemteenlock wowow

all cos fox asked for femjohn with a big sweater aw

then punk sherlock appearead and


high-res please and thank


this is real messy but I loved how it turned out ok ok by e

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